Marathon Training Starting Stats


Weight – 132.5

Thighs = 21.5″

Knees = 14″

Calves = 14.75-15″

A (relatively) short 3 mile run is scheduled for Tuesday, but since that is Christmas Day and I will have zero motivation to do anything other than rip open my stocking, I decided to move the run to today.  Even though it was on the treadmill, I still felt pretty good.  So, I did 30 minutes at 7.1 mi/hr for a total of 3.54 miles.  Not a bad start, if I do say so myself.



After sitting in the car for 3.5+ hours, I lacked some motivation to go to the gym to do the 5 mile pace run for the week.  I was pretty proud of myself for finally getting off the couch around 4:30 to head to the gym.  But, once I got there, I had one of the worst runs ever.  You know it’s never a good end if you feel like you’re going to vomit and faint immediately after hitting the “cool-down” button.  After talking to C about it, he was all like, “do you know how many types of dip you had at christmas dinner?”  That’s when I realized that if you put crap in, you will get crap out.


In much more recent and happier news, we got a ton of gardening stuff for Christmas!  We are THIS EXCITED to start a small veggie garden.  Our town has a community field where we can rent a plot OR we can grow a container garden outside.  I’m not sure which one I want to do yet, but I cannot wait pick vine-ripened tomatoes and eat them within a few hours!


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