Marathon Rules

Tomorrow is the start of marathon training and, as is tradition in our house, we had Thai food for dinner.  I also had a drink and cheese fries with a girlfriend I haven’t seen in a while.  So, not only am I stuffed (dang it), but we will be hitting the gym at 7:30 AM (!!) AND I haven’t ran in two weeks.  This should be really interesting.  After looking at myself in the mirror (post-thai food, cheese fry-fest), I need to lay some ground rules for the next 18 weeks…

Rules for marathon training:

  1. Just because you’re training for a marathon doesn’t mean that you can eat whatever you want, missy.  
  2. Complex carbs = good.  Refined carbs = bad.
  3. Swedish fish are only for long runs (see #2).
  4. Whole foods = fuel.
  5. Alcohol is not a complex carb (shoot!).
  6. Cross-training and strength training are your new BFF’s.
  7. If you’re not outside, then you’re at the gym.  Deal with it.
  9. Follow the plan.  Hal (Higdon) knows what he’s doing.
  10. Have fun (duh).

Here is the plan I’m following. I combined two of Higdon’s plans into one to get the maximum amount of mileage in an 18 week time span while trying to minimize the possibility of injury.

Back tomorrow with my pre-marathon stats.  I can already tell you they are going to be terrible (damn you, Chicken Pad Thai).


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