Break time!

So, today is the first day of our two week break.  I think both the staff and students were in definite need of some R&R.  Even while I know I’ll miss my kids for two weeks, I’m so excited to have two weeks of (mostly) free time!

Haha, who am I kidding?  I’m totally going to plan out January.

But during the times where I won’t be working, I’m planning on investing in a new pair of flannel PJ pants, some expensive coffee and maxing out my library card.  Here’s what is currently on my reading list:

  1. Finish Happier at Home (and write review)
  2. The Gifts of Imperfection by Brene Brown
  3. The Crying Rocks by Janey Lisle
  4. Because I Said So by Ken Jennings

I think that four books is a good goal for a two-week break.

In other news, we are supposed to get 8+ inches of snow last night and today.  We got zero snow last year so this is a major mental shift.  Luckily though, it’s supposed to blizzard on our first day of break so we won’t have to miss any school (which means no make up days)!

Off to go watch some Hulu with C.  Best start of break ever!


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