Crafty Christmas #3 – Christmas Card Holder

I love getting Christmas cards.  It really makes the season feel more festive and I totally gush over the pictures of the small children of our family friends.  This year, C and I (finally) ordered a batch for ourselves and I’m so excited about it!  In years past, we have just thrown the cards into a pile (I know – I’m so ashamed). But this year, I was determined to make a fun, festive, decoration to hang our cards on.



  • Christmas themed bag with ribbon handle
  • Mini clothespins
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon of contrasting color (I chose silver to match the wording)
  • Hot Glue


  • Cut bottom of bag off.  Then, cut bag so that you have two equal parts.
  • Choose which side of bag you’re going to use.  Then, remove ribbon.


  • Cut a piece of contrasting ribbon about 4 feet long.
  • Underneath one of the flaps, glue ribbon down.  Then, glue flap on top of ribbon.


  • Repeat on other side.
  • Reattach original ribbon through the handle-holes…this will be how you hang it!
  • Using a ruler, measure every 4″ and mark it with a ballpoint pen.


  • Hot glue mini clothespin on mark so that just the mouth of the clothespin is sticking out.

photo (55)

  • Repeat at least 9 more times for that side.
  • Then, repeat clothespin process for the other ribbon.

Voila – Our finished product!


Total cost of this project?  Less than 5 dollars (I used the silver ribbon for our tree too!).  JoAnn Fabric’s is having a massive 60% off all christmas stuff – so go now!


One thought on “Crafty Christmas #3 – Christmas Card Holder

  1. That’s a really great idea!! It will look so nice once you have a few cards on there 🙂 One way my mom always does it is she has big red bows and staples the cards to the tails of the bows. But then of course you have holes in your cards…

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