Crafty Christmas #2 – Advent Calendar

Hello!  Yes, I know the advent calendar was supposed to go up a couple of days ago…but hey…I’m new to this blogging thing and life got busy.  Anywho…

C and I have never done an advent calendar.  And, although I wouldn’t usually pass up an opportunity to bring in more chocolate into the house, I wanted to do something more meaningful and something that could possibly become a tradition for when our family expands.

(c)ReadRunBeHappyAdvent Calendar


  • Two Mason Jars
  • Ribbon
  • Tags (not pictured)
  • Paper cut into strips
  • Pen


  1. Write recipients name on tag – tie around mason jar.
  2. Tie ribbon around mason jar.
  3. Write one thing you love everyday about the other person.
  4. Put in open top.
  5. Done!

The total cost for this project is TBD.  I need to buy better ribbon and I need to buy tags.  I’m long overdue for a trip to Staples, so I’ll pick up quite a few things while I’m there.  But, for what you see above, I spent a total of zero dollars.  I already had everything in my house!  How’s that for a craft project, huh?


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