Weekly Workout – Week of 11.26

Another edition of weekly workout is upon us – last week, I ran 31.44 miles!  Yes!  Here’s the plan for this week…

11.26-12.2 Rest Medium Run

(6-7 mi)

Medium Run

(6-7 mi)

Short Run

(3-4 mi)

Rest Long Run

(8 mi)

Recovery Run

(3 mi)

26-29 miles

I’m decreasing my mileage a bit so my legs can take a break.  I think they need it.  I’m getting new shoes in the mail (soon!) so that should alleviate some of the joint pain I’ve been having.

Today is day 2 of the Elf for Health challenge!  Today’s goal is to give someone a handwritten note.  As a teacher (who loves Christmas!), I am participating in Secret Santa this year.  I thought it started this week.  It doesn’t, it starts next week, so it looks like I’m the best Secret Santa Ever.  Here is what I gave my Secret Santa as a kick off:


I thought the tag was super cute and I thought of it myself!  A whole package of double stuf Oreos was probably excessive, but it is the holiday season after all.  The Oreos were on sale and I made the tag using an index card and leftover scrapbook paper I had in my room.  For only $2.99 + tax, I gave an awesome Secret Santa gift.


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