Tomato Veggie Soup

So, today is the first day for the Elf for Health challenge. I am so stinking excited for the next six weeks. I’m a huge fan of accountability buddies, so this is perfect! I’m going to need some encouragement from other people to stay healthy over the holidays.

The challenge for today was to go meatless. I may have taken it a step further and went meatless for lunch too! I thought for a quick second that I was going vegan today until I realized that I had *just* eaten two eggs and that I used beef broth instead of veggie broth for dinner tonight. Oh well, spirit of the law, I guess. I took a recipe that my MIL gave me this past week and removed the beef (and should’ve replaced the broth too – darn!). This is the best recipe ever – put everything in the crock pot, turn it on and LEAVE. I hate recipes that are all like, “brown the meat before hand”. Dude, that’s why I’m putting it in the crock pot. DUH.

Tomato Veggie Soup

Crock Pot Tomato Veggie Soup


  • 1 bag frozen mixed vegetables
  • 1 bag frozen stew vegetables
  • 28 oz can crushed tomatoes
  • 1T sugar
  • 2 cups vegetable broth (I used beef – oops!)
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • Garlic powder to taste
  • Oregano to taste


Throw all of the above ingredients in crock pot. Put on low for 8+ hours. Serve with une baguette!

Nutrition stats per serving (makes 11 servings)Calories: 83, Sodium: 400.4mg, Carbs: 16.1g, Fiber: 3.1g, Sugars: 6.3g, Protein: 3.4g


This was a HUGE hit tonight.  C said, “It doesn’t taste like you made it” meaning that it tastes pre-made or restaurant quality.  YES. WINNER!

In other words, work was not as bad as I thought it would be today. It went by rather quickly. The kids are mostly well-behaved (or they were once I mentioned that they have two tests before winter break). I like to think of myself as a pretty active teacher. But, since I’ve flipped my classroom, I feel like it’s been hard to convey that energy that I have when I’m doing explicit direct instruction (the new term for lecturing). For this last unit, I’m not flipping any of the lectures – I’m giving them face-to-face. Today was the first day of that and I think it went well! Here’s to reverting back to my old ways. Woohoo!


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