Christmas Crafts: Monogrammed Christmas Wreath

I’m so excited to be spending my second christmas with C.  Our first christmas was really special because we celebrated it on December 8th (I wish I was kidding).  I bought his christmas presents and he was all like, “Let’s open them now” as I walked into the door.  I made him wait 24 hours so I could wrap them.  Silly guy.

Well, this year, I’m making him wait until December 22nd. But, we started putting up christmas decorations yesterday because now it’s after Thanksgiving.  In honor of that, I made our christmas wreath!  I’m hoping it will last forever because I probably won’t want to make another one (side note: after I bought all of the supplies, C gently reminded me that we already had one.  Eff).


Beaucoup Visages - Wreath Supplies

  • Blank Green Wreath ($8 – Target)
  • 3 Poinsettia Pins ($1/pin – Target)
  • Monogram ornament ($4 – Hobby Lobby bought last year at 50% off)
  • Red ribbon ($0 – leftover from wedding programs)


  1. Pin the poinsettia pins onto any part of the wreath you wish.
  2. Attach the monogram ornament to wreath.
  3. Use ribbon to create hook.
  4. Hang on front door – feel proud of self for being so crafty!


Total time (not including driving everywhere to get materials) = 10 minutes

Total cost =$13.00


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