‘Tis (now) the Christmas Season!

Happy day after Thanksgiving! I’m still stuffed from an amazing brunch and dinner yesterday! And, the large slice of pie that I had in addition to to my turkey sandwich (best.lunch.of.the.year) probably didn’t help. After C and I drove back home, we hung out and ate dinner in front of Hell’s Kitchen. On a side note – I love Hulu Plus. We got rid of cable this fall and haven’t looked back. We’re exploring so many new shows and they’re almost all on demand. WAY better than cable.

Ahem…back to more important matters…

After dinner, C and I put up our christmas tree! He walked upstairs with the tree while I was engrossed in something (pinterest) and I shouted, “WAIT! Pick the tree up again so I can take a picture!” Smart-aleck grin ensues. Thanks babe.

We (I) put the lights on and C set up a timer where the tree will turn on a few minutes after our alarm goes off and then again at 7:45pm. We’ll put ornaments on over time. I have big plans for this little tree of ours!


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