Election Party 2012

Last night, we had an election party.  It.was.awesome.  A lot of C’s friends came and lots of great discussion and heckling took place.

Along with salty finger foods (pretzels, chips, dip), champagne and wine; I also made patriotic cupcakes…


Sorry for the terrible quality – taken on my phone!


We also played “Guess the Swing State Vote”…



In order to play “Guess the Swing State”, I gave each party attendee an index card and they predicted (on the card) whether the state would go Republican (R) or Democrat (D).  Then, I transferred the predictions onto the white board.  This way, no one would be influenced by another’s choice.  Some of our attendees remarked how they knew they were at a teacher’s house.  Weird. 🙂


I still need to tally the votes because I went to sleep last night before the final results were called.  The winner gets wine. (I hope I win!)


Weekly workout update – I only ran 5.5 miles yesterday instead of the planned 6.  It was getting dark out a lot earlier than I had planned and I wasn’t wearing any reflective gear.  Bummer.  Now I know better. 

Happy hump day!


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