Savasana & Day 1 of Thankfulness

Last night, I went to my first (ever) Power Yoga class.  It.was.HARD.  I thought I was in shape, but I have been sorely (pun intended) mistaken.  With the Kickbox/Resistance class I took on Monday, the Yoga class I took last night, and the class I’m planning on going to today (Resistance Core) – my body has been in for quite the shock.  I’ve really enjoyed all of the classes and they are obviously challenging.  But, the weirdest part of Yoga was that even though a lot of the poses were difficult, there were two more aspects that were super challenging –

(1) The Mind/Body connection – Vinyasa Yoga is about timing your movements with your breathing and doing it in a flowing manner.  I am not a graceful person nor am I coordinated, so that was really interesting.

(2) Savasanna – The final post of every Yoga class of any type where one lays on the floor and tries to clear their mind.  This pose is not physically taxing, but mentally taxing for me.  My mind runs a million miles a minute.  Trying to quiet it is a damn near impossible feat.  But, last night, I did it for just a little bit and I was super proud of myself.


Today is the first day of November, which means that Thanksgiving is right around the corner.  So, this month, I’m going to focus on things for which I’m thankful.  So, on Day 1, I am thankful for C, my husband and best friend.  He is my biggest cheerleader and keeps me grounded.  He knows exactly what to say in all situations and is always so honest with me.  I’m not sure where I’d be without him.  He’s pretty great.


In honor or NaBLoPoMo – the prompt for November 1st is, “Tell us your favourite quotation and why.”

The quote that has really been driving me the last few days is, “Don’t quit.  Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion” which is a quote from Muhammad Ali.  Every time I don’t want to go the gym or have a bad attitude, I think of this quote and get really inspired to try my best and to work from slow-coming results.


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