Running Challenge Accepted

Tonight was my first run since the half on Sunday and it was a sore one.  I didn’t wear my watch knowing full-well that if I pushed myself too fast then I would endure definite injury.  I took advantage of all the stop lights and was careful with my form.  I officially start training for the Illinois (Full!) Marathon on Christmas Eve, but need something to push myself to run until then.  There’s a local Thanksgiving race here that’s actually on November 10th, but I feel like I needed something more substantial.  Well, imagine my surprise when I saw the Pile on the Miles 2012 Challenge on The Midwest Prep.  It’s organized by Run, Eat, Repeat and I am so excited to join in!  I set a goal of 100 miles in the month of November.  I know I probably won’t win top mileage (someone put in 200 miles as a goal!), but I love being held accountable and joining in on the fun with other bloggers. As someone who is new to the blogging world, I figured this is a great way to get to know other people in the blogosphere.


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