I believe you can be both an extrovert and an introvert at the same time.  It just depends on context.  At work, I am an extrovert.  Bubbly, vivacious  chatty.  At home, I am the same to a lesser extent.  C and I can sit on the couch, reading, watching TV or just being together.  There’s nothing more I love than sitting on our windowed front porch drinking coffee reading the paper.

People are usually categorized into extrovert or introvert.  But, what if you’re both?  Are you in omnivert?

These thoughts cross my mind, especially today, because I have parent teacher conferences this week.  During this week, there will be two four-hour sessions after the school day is done.  While I could focus on the negative and gripe about the 13 hour work day, I am looking forward to conferences because the extrovert part of me is allowed to shine through.  It reminds me of sorority recruitment.  One must be charming but informative.  Polite yet honest.  And, most important of all, a caring ear while telling parents ways their children can improve.


And, when I get home, I can relax with C.  Which is the greatest reward of all.


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