Pacing for a Personal Best

Today, the husband and I both accomplished major things.  He ran his first full marathon (26.2 miles) in under four hours.  I ran my second half-marathon with a three-minute personal best.  And, while training played a part in my success, I believe there were three more things that helped me accomplish this feat:

  1. I ran with a pace group.  My first half marathon was completed in 1:51:44.  I knew that if I ran (and kept up with) the 1:50 pace group, I was guaranteed a personal best.
  2. I ran “smart”.  I drafted behind our pacer for the majority of the race.  He even let me hold the pace sign!  Dream come true.
  3. And, the most important aspect of this weekend was that C and I got away for the night.  The trip may not have been long (we left our home at 1:30pm on Saturday and returned on 2:40pm on Sunday).  But, it was just enough time for us to recharge and relax before we start a very busy time in our academic lives.

I am so proud of us.  The work and time we put into achieving these goals was quite a bit, but we did it!


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