My Hope & Dream

I love reading the blogs of others.  Especially from those with completely different walks of life.  They inspire me to be better, to be different, and to try new things.  They encourage me to be my own cheerleader in times of struggle and strife and to appreciate all the good that my life brings to me.  I’ve started many blogs in the past, but all with a singular focus in mind.  Either they were focused on cooking, teaching, running, or being healthy.  And with each one, I became bored quickly.  I’ve come to realize that in today’s world, a woman fulfills many roles and it is difficult to pinhole one into just one role and expect to be a complete person.  So, that’s why I created “Beaucoup Visages”.  Literally translated, it means “many faces”, which could have a negative connotation.  But, in my mind, it envelopes a person’s many roles in life. I have a few hopes and dreams for this blog.  First and foremost, I would like to start keeping track of the wonderful things that happen in my many roles in life.  Secondly, I am hoping that by writing on a regular basis, I will be able to determine what makes me a well-rounded person.  And finally, I love to write.  My love for creative writing stems back to my junior year of high school when I took Creative Writing as an English elective and flourished.  Analyzing novels or sources wasn’t my “thing”, but expressing myself through words was and is something at which I’ve always been successful.

So, to new starts and new beginnings: growing up, living life, and recognizing the good in all things even when it’s cloudy outside.


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